Don't want to worry about planning your day-to-day itinerary?
Relax, and book one of our Ranch Vacation Packages!

Arrive on Sunday evening, depart on Friday morning of the dates listed below. Check-in 2PM to 7PM CT, check-out 11AM.

Each Package Includes:

5 nights of lodging, (Sunday through Thursday), 4 days of riding, (2 hours trail riding at your party's skill level each of 4 days, Monday through Thursday). All meals included, except Sunday Dinner, when the kitchen is closed. Please eat before arriving, or request a ready-to-heat meal to be waiting in your accommodation. All other meals included through breakfast on day of departure. Breakfast is in-room, with breakfast foods amply stocked in the fully equipped kitchen of each accommodation, for guests to enjoy at their leisure.


  •  $2080 per Adult.
  • Children 5 to 17 years of age $1365.00 each, when reserving with 1 Adult in a Suite, or with 3 or more total travelers, (including children), in a Private Cabin.
  • Children 4 and under are free, but will be charged for riding at $48 per hour on-site if they ride. (Typically riding starts at 5 years of age, but a 4-year-old may be lead on a horse, if wearing a helmet and if able to maintain stability and balance.)
  • Check accommodation availability for rates for your specific party, or call us at (830) 796-7950.
  • Call Hill Country Equestrian Lodge (830) 796-7950 for rates for non-riders.
2024 DatesArriveDepart
Jan. 7Jan 12
Jan. 21Jan. 26
Feb. 4Feb. 9
Feb. 18Feb. 23
Apr. 21Apr. 26
May 12May 17
July 14July 19
July 28Aug. 2
Sept. 15Sept. 20
Oct. 13Oct. 18
Oct. 27Nov. 1
Nov. 17Nov. 22
Dec. 8Dec. 13

When reserving by phone, be sure to specify the Ranch Vacation Package when you reserve your accommodation.

When booking online, 1) Reserve your accommodation, the 2) on the next page, choose the option Add Ranch Vacation Package- Adult, 1 for each adult in your party, and Add Ranch Vacation Package- Child, 1 for each child 5-17 years of age, in your party. Your total rate will equal the rates shown above.